A host of inspiration for your glass building

With Drivadan, you always get your own individual glass building. Each and every Drivadan house is designed from scratch and uniquely executed. The examples on this page demonstrate some of the paths you can take with glass building.

There are no two identical Drivadan houses, so we have plenty of inspiration for your project. Click around our references and cases and see how many possibilities there are and how wide the boundaries for imagination can be found with us - from round to square.


is garden life in glass and frame. Orangeries, garden houses, winter gardens, sunrooms, greenhouses, English houses, in short all the garden glasshouses that can be thought of under the sun. They create quality of life for people and well-being and growth for plant life. Drivadan has many years of experience with greenhouses with climate control, and our competencies come to the fore here. We help you create the 5th season in your garden.



are flexible, individual options for glass building in combination with homes, house-in-house. They can be built inside, around or on the home, as a covering or roof terrace, completely according to desires, conditions and architecture, so you can get more space and free yourself from the seasons.



is custom-made communal spaces and usage spaces in glass that can create value for businesses, experience centers, residential properties, and institutions. You can create everything from bright and open entrance lobbies, alternative conference rooms, showrooms and shared facilities at a company's premises to urban farming greenhouses for schools and nurseries.