Drivadan Lerbjerggård - Arkitekter

Glass constructions with full design freedom for architects

The special construction and choice of materials in Drivadan are created to provide freedom for the architect who wants to create a functional and exciting glass building, also in connection with the surrounding architecture.

It meets an international architectural trend towards more glass construction, not only sleek modernism but also conservatories and orangeries in a more traditional, rustic style, for example, Victorian and brick-built glass houses. And beautiful atriums and other harmonious structures under glass.

Drivadan customizes all steel, glass, and aluminum to custom measurements, no matter what style you prefer. We are not bound by standard solutions, and we are happy to collaborate with the architect to create glass buildings that realize ideas of form and function with the greatest possible design freedom.

Our starting point is steel, aluminum, and glass, which together provide the greatest possible flexibility. The architect can choose exactly the base measurement desired, and all roof pitches down to 15 degrees – load-bearing steel makes all sizes of roof surfaces possible. There is free choice in formats of wider or narrower glass. And steel and aluminum profiles can be painted in precisely the desired color. And Drivadan has free choice in door types.

So when things need to come together, from the aesthetically chosen visual expression to the perfect lighting, Drivadan is the right supplier to work with. A Drivadan glass building always meets the building regulations' static requirements, even in a light and elegant design.

With Drivadan, the architect can simultaneously consider safety, energy consumption, indoor climate, and light in the glass construction. Drivadan offers various options for glass types, such as security glass, in one, two, or three layers, depending on how insulated and energy-secured the building needs to be, and for example, sandblasted frosted glass or matte satin glass that dims light. The building can be equipped with advanced climate control with automatic window opening, based on temperature, wind direction, precipitation, and humidity.

Glass architecture can create what we at Drivadan call the 5th season. Completely on the architect’s terms.