Common spaces in glass
- for residential buildings, businesses, and institutions

Light and warmth create quality of life. Glass constructions provide opportunities and create new spaces for socializing: communal areas in residential buildings, alternative conference rooms, and experiential spaces with outdoor living under glass. Work, meetings, and gatherings can take place in natural daylight, with the full green benefits of sun and warmth, regardless of the weather.

In residential buildings, Drivadan’s glass constructions can be part of individual and flexible architectural solutions, such as a rooftop terrace under glass.

In the experiential industry, glass can add light and views to restaurants, attractions, and exhibitions. Schools, daycare centers, and other institutions can, for example, introduce a new dimension to learning with Urban Farming, where vegetables can be grown under glass, and the process from seed to plant can be experienced before finally tasting the harvest.

Our glass houses are constructed with load-bearing steel structures based on static calculations. This makes them robust yet slim and elegant. Our aluminum profiles can be painted according to preference and assembled with tempered safety glass. They can be equipped with advanced climate control with automatic window opening, responsive to temperature, wind direction, precipitation, or humidity, as used in professional nurseries. The houses can either stand independently or be added to existing properties.

Drivadan Architect


The architect has ultimate design freedom and countless opportunities to create a unique glass construction. A glass building from Drivadan is not bound by standard solutions or dimensions. Read about the greatest design freedom imaginable within glass construction.

Drivadan Grønttorvet Valby

Housing association

If the housing company or housing association is to build new or renovate, a glass building can create more value and bright, friendly communal spaces with extra square meters for daily life. See how you can develop the property while creating better conditions and opportunities for residents.

Drivadan glas Contractor glass building


When a construction contractor is tasked with realizing a construction project that includes a glass building, Drivadan is the partner that can assist in bringing the project to life according to the desired size, shape, and function. Read about how Drivadan can deliver solutions, regardless of the needs the contract must address.

Drivadan A/S has constructed unique glass buildings for, among others:

  • Odense Zoo
  • Givskud Zoo
  • Ree Park Safari
  • Tivoli
  • Noma
  • Kongehuset
  • Oksbøl Lejren
  • A Hereford Beefstouw
  • Claus Dalby
  • Søren Vester
  • Bruno Jacobsen Design
  • Egeskov Slot
  • Nimb