Create a fifth season with a glass building

Give your house more hours of light and warmth with glass spaces, bring more joy and beauty into your home, property or company headquarters. You can, for example, have a house all around the house or a roofed garden, protected from the elements, enabling you to prolong the season with longer, warm days and a Mediterranean atmosphere. You get a fifth season, with shelter and summer warmth, even on those blustery Danish overcast days.

There are so many opportunities to create space for enjoyment and well-being. From chilling at home in the conservatory and the joys of the garden in the glass pavilion, to meeting and spending time together on a roof terrace under glass.

A glass house offers life and growth

Drivadan specialises in glass construction. We put life and homes in glass and frames.
A glass house provides light and air for communities and creates space for growth in companies. Whether in homes, communal spaces or businesses, Drivadan always provides a unique solution that is created on the basis of the individual building’s needs and preferences.
The only limits are your imagination.

At Drivadan, you’re not limited by standard dimensions. On the other hand, high quality always comes as standard. Drivadan’s construction method, with its combination of steel, aluminium and glass, provides tremendous architectural freedom. You can choose exactly the roof pitch that best fits the surroundings, and there’s no limit to the size of the roof area, as all load-bearing structures are made of steel.

This provides both optimal strength and load-bearing capacity. Just as importantly, Drivadan’s steel structures also allow for a wider span than conventional structures made solely of aluminium. A Drivadan glass building will therefore always meet the static requirements of building regulations. At the same time, the steel structure allows for a light design with a combination of narrow aluminium profiles and toughened safety glass.

The glass buildings can be equipped with folding doors and advanced climate control, with automatic window openings that respond to temperature, wind direction, precipitation or humidity.

Our team of dedicated employees is ready to turn your own or the architect’s ideas and dreams into reality. We are more than happy to contribute to the development process with our many years of experience, and we bring ideas to life in our own design studio. You get a professional solution that matches needs and surroundings – also with a focus on sustainability.

houseINgarden glass building


Orangeries, garden houses, winter gardens. Drivadan’s many years of experience with glass houses is not only about providing the best possible conditions for lush, fertile plant life, but also about creating individual architectural solutions that bring new perspectives to the garden. Read more

houseINhouse glass building


A house-within-a-house is a glass building with many possibilities.
With our flexible, individual glass buildings, you can build your home around the glass building – or even inside it. You can use the roof terrace on your home with a view and the smell of plants. Read more

houseINbusiness glass building


Light and warmth create quality of life. Glass buildings provide opportunities and create new spaces for socialising: communal spaces in residential buildings, alternative conference rooms and experience rooms with an outdoor feel under glass. Whatever the weather, work, meetings and group gatherings can take place in daylight, with the full green benefit of sun and heat. Read more

Drivadan A/S has constructed unique glass buildings for, among others:

  • Odense Zoo
  • Givskud Zoo
  • Ree Park Safari
  • Tivoli
  • Noma
  • Kongehuset
  • Oksbøl Lejren
  • A Hereford Beefstouw
  • Claus Dalby
  • Søren Vester
  • Bruno Jacobsen Design
  • Egeskov Slot
  • Nimb