Free-standing greenhouse in domestic garden
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Free-standing greenhouse in domestic garden

With this beautiful custom-built, freestanding and un-insulated greenhouse on a gray masonry base, the family has gained a greenhouse in their villa garden, where they can enjoy the garden all year round.

The small oasis of a greenhouse provides the family with the opportunity to grow their vegetables and flowers in the Danish weather.

The greenhouse has temperature-controlled windows and a double sliding door – which provides a great opportunity to extend the warm summer evenings and create the 5th season.

A greenhouse in the garden can have several benefits

Firstly, it can extend the season for growing plants as it provides a protected environment against extreme weather conditions. It also allows for the cultivation of plants that otherwise would not thrive in the local climate. Additionally, a greenhouse can protect against pests and diseases, and it can also be a comfortable place to spend time and enjoy the plants. Finally, it can be a good way to grow vegetables and herbs in a sustainable and organic manner.

23 m² non-insulated greenhouse
Roof pitch: 20°
Steel: Galvanized
Aluminium: Painted in jet black RAL 9005
Glass: Single-glazed toughened safety glass
Climate control: Temperature control of windows

Location: Fyn
Built: 2021
Area: 23 m²
Developer: Private customer

Construction and assembly: Drivadan A/S
Free-standing greenhouse in domestic gardenFree-standing greenhouse in domestic gardenFree-standing greenhouse in domestic garden
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