A Drivadan orangery provides light and freedom

An orangery can add a fifth season to your garden life. The word “orangery” is of French origin, and originally referred to a place where the garden’s flowers were stored during winter. However, it also provided a lovely, green place for people to spend time. In a modern orangery, you combine a conservatory and a greenhouse, creating an oasis of life and environment for both plants and people, regardless of weather and season. You get to enjoy the outdoors and indoors simultaneously.

With a Drivadan orangery, you can build it in the exact dimensions you desire, and to fit in with the surroundings, whether it's detached or attached to an existing or new building. Drivadan’s special steel span construction allows for a lightweight and elegant architectural design with a slim structure, and roof pitches tailored to your wishes and context.

Drivadan’s unique construction of load-bearing steel and aluminum profiles, along with various types of glass, provides the freedom for custom and individual design of your own little oasis, a winter garden where you can enjoy the green life all year round, and extend the season for flowers and plants, including exotic plants, free from frost and cold and with natural light. You create an atmosphere of climate-friendly well-being and quality of life.

Uninsulated or insulated orangery?

With a Drivadan orangery, you can not only freely choose the size of the glass surfaces, but also decide whether it should be uninsulated or insulated and energy-efficient with multiple layers of glass, including safety glass.

Most of our orangeries are uninsulated. With an uninsulated orangery, you get unique opportunities to grow and store exotic plants and have a comfortable living space for most of the year. A single layer of glass retains heat, making it suitable for occupancy even in freezing temperatures. And with an uninsulated structure, the profiles can be thinner, resulting in a lightweight and elegant glass construction.

An insulated orangery is usually more expensive than an uninsulated solution. It requires stronger profiles to support the insulated orangery. However, this naturally means better safety and control of a comfortable temperature for year-round use without excessive energy consumption.

isoleret orangeri drivadan

If you choose an insulated solution for your orangery, it means that the construction has stronger profiles compared to an uninsulated glass building. The architecture appears more robust and less lightweight than in an uninsulated Drivadan glass structure. You can still choose completely individual dimensions, adapted to the surroundings.

isoleret orangeri integreret

When you have an orangery built as an integrated part of your home, you magically incorporate the view, outdoor living, and garden plant life into your home. Here, an insulated glass building is a sensible choice, with control over the home’s temperature and energy consumption, while adding a light elegance to the architecture.

isoleret orangeri sammenbygget

An orangery between two buildings can tie the buildings together in a beautiful, integrated whole. With an insulated glass structure, you also get pleasant warmth and control of energy consumption, so you combine the best of both worlds: the cozy indoor life and the outdoor light.

Climate-controlled orangery

Our special climate control system was originally developed for professional greenhouses, but it can also control temperature and humidity in a Drivadan orangery, allowing you to grow the plants you want while maintaining a comfortable temperature for yourself. You can also choose heat-reflective glass, which ensures that the temperature does not get too high in the summer sun.

Freestanding or integrated, attached orangery?

The architectural freedom and flexibility in a Drivadan glass building also applies whether you want a freestanding orangery or an integrated orangery, built together with an existing house or a new building to expand the house's area. We have no standard dimensions, so you can create a glass architecture that complements the fixed walls - and becomes an investment that increases the value of the house.

You can choose to build the orangery on a masonry base, which provides a solid and cohesive architectural expression. The classic orangery often has a quite raw floor, but you can of course also choose this yourself. The aluminum profiles can be powder-coated in precisely the color you want, so you can create the right match with garden furniture and surrounding architecture of building and garden.

If you want to learn more about your options for your own individual orangery, contact Drivadan. Our specialists are ready to help you find the perfect solution.

Fritstående orangeri

Free-standing orangery

Exactly where it fits in the garden, and exactly in the dimensions you want - a free-standing orangery from Drivadan gives you a space where you can enjoy the plant life, the beauty of the garden, and the sunlight all around, all year round. Architecture and nature meet harmoniously in the glass building, creating the 5th season.

Orangeri som tilbygning

Orangery as an extension

An orangery as an extension provides both the house with an extra living space and the garden with an extra dimension, with the possibility of growing climate-sensitive plants. Drivadan’s special, flexible construction makes it possible to have the glass building match precisely to the dimensions and architecture of the house.

Orangeri som mellembygning

Orangery as a linking building

Two houses can become one coherent dwelling when you build an orangery as a linking building. You can move freely between the houses in any weather. At the same time, you create a nice transition to the garden, where you can enjoy the light and the view. Drivadan gives you architectural freedom to create a coherent whole.

Orangeri på sokkel

Orangery on foundation

Whether you're building a standalone orangery or an addition, a masonry foundation helps create a sturdy look. The poured foundation allows for comfortable flooring options, often in rustic materials. And the half-wall can create a seamless transition with a house in an attached building.

Orangeri med muret brystning

Orangery with masonry parapet

A masonry parapet gives the orangery a stronger sense of a secure living space, while allowing you to use the sill for potted plants. You can choose bricks that blend with the house or give the orangery its own unique architecture. And with Drivadan's construction, you can freely choose the dimensions.

Orangeri som ombygning

Orangery as a conversion

Do you have a building that can be used for something better and brighter? It may be possible to convert it into an orangery. Drivadan’s special construction can adapt to any dimension. Here, an old barn has been converted into an orangery with an existing parapet - from storage room to living space.

Orangeri i klassisk engelsk stil

Orangery in classic English style

The word orangery may have French origins, but garden-loving Englishmen have refined a romantic architecture in glass buildings. The English inspiration provides a whimsical setting for both a beautiful oasis of plant life and a delightful space for contemplation with both calmness, light, and classic aesthetics.

Orangeri med pejs

Orangery with fireplace

If you want to create warm garden coziness in any weather, an orangery with a fireplace is a beautiful and atmospheric option. Here, an orangery with a masonry fireplace and chimney in this one gable is combined with a heat pump. You can also integrate a bio fireplace or wood stove in your dream orangery.

Orangeri med mellemgang til hus

Orangery with hallway to the house

A freestanding orangery and a house can be connected by a glass hallway, so you can freely move between the home and the orangery without worrying about footwear. Drivadan’s special construction can be adapted to all distances and dimensions, so you can connect indoor and outdoor living spaces.