Drivadan Aarhus contractor

Drivadan is the contractor’s partner in glass construction

When your construction company is tasked with realizing a construction project where outdoor spaces in glass are part of the client's and architect’s vision for the project. Or when it involves adding a glass structure to a corporate headquarters, institution, or residential complex. Drivadan is the partner that can help bring the project to life according to the desired size, shape, and function.

Our special construction of steel, aluminum, and glass ensures not only durability but also complete flexibility, both in freestanding glass structures and interconnected buildings. Drivadan customizes steel, aluminum, and glass to specific measurements, ensuring that all our glass constructions are executed according to individual dimensions. They can be rectangular, hexagonal, or round, with any desired roof pitch and glass sizes, and the profiles can be painted in the exact color desired.

Drivadan has delivered glass structures for all purposes and in all forms. Extensions, entrances, common areas, experience houses, orangeries, greenhouses, atriums, roof pavilions – even glass houses around the house. So, regardless of the needs the construction project aims to address, we can provide the solution.

A Drivadan glass structure is equipped with advanced climate control with automatic window opening, responding to temperature, wind direction, precipitation, or humidity, as also used in professional greenhouses. The contractor can choose insulated or non-insulated glass based on the client's needs. And Drivadan offers various types of doors and glass, including frosted glass. Drivadan glass structures are always fitted with tempered safety glass, in one, two, or three layers.

Our glasshouses are constructed with load-bearing steel structures based on structural calculations. This makes them sturdy and at the same time slim and elegant. We are certified under the CE marking DS/EN 1090-2 for the execution of steel structures (including stainless steel). And we have extensive experience with all types of glass constructions, so we can provide guidance from the conceptual phase through final architectural drawings to completed construction.