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We build greenhouses based on experience

When you choose a Drivadan greenhouse, you are selecting one of Denmark's most experienced greenhouse manufacturers as your supplier. Since 1987, Drivadan has been constructing productive greenhouses for commercial horticulture, providing extensive expertise in creating glass structures that offer the best conditions for plant growth, whether it's ornamental plants or vegetables and herbs thriving under glass.

All Drivadan glass structures feature automatic window opening to dissipate excess heat. It can be installed in both continuous or smaller, interconnected sections, depending on preferences and needs. The greenhouse can be equipped with climate control that automatically opens and closes roof windows in the greenhouse controlled by temperature, wind, precipitation, and humidity.

This ensures that plant growth receives the best possible conditions. Whether you want to cultivate exotic plants or fragrant flowers in the greenhouse or other exciting plants, or you simply want a beginner's greenhouse with easy-to-grow plants in your greenhouse.

It's worth starting with a quality greenhouse where you can develop your green thumb – whether you want to grow edible plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, chili, grapes, lettuce, eggplant, citrus fruits, or herbs, or you want to cultivate the beauty of flowers and ornamental plants in an orangery, garden house, or glass pavilion.

Drivadan's special construction of steel, aluminum, and glass – including safety glass – provides not only durability but also flexibility. You are not bound by standard sizes; a Drivadan greenhouse can be customized to the exact length, width, and height that fits your garden and your needs.

Drivadan greenhouse
Greenhouse Orangery
Drivadan greenhouse