Multi-faceted glass dome
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Multi-faceted glass dome

Free-standing, uninsulated glass dome
Rounded dome roof

A stunning architectural gem for innovative learning

This dome-shaped glass building is an impressive sight and is an architectural gem at Skårup School, which not only serves as a beautiful element in the surroundings but also as a functional classroom. The building is designed with a unique dome shape, providing an open and airy space for teaching, while allowing for natural light to create a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. The spacious interior has an open design that is ideal for supporting innovative teaching methods.

“The glass igloo” is specifically designed to function as a science classroom and laboratory, and the interior design reflects this purpose. The minimalist style focuses on functionality and provides ample space for experimental activities. With the spacious interior and open design, there is plenty of room for both teaching and research in plant growth and other scientific subjects.

The building is constructed with an impressive dome-shaped glass structure on a concrete base. The dome-shaped structure provides an open and airy space, allowing natural light to create a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere for students. The transparent design also creates a sense of unity with nature and the surroundings. The inspiring view, natural lighting, and open atmosphere create an environment that is perfect for promoting student learning and creativity.

Location: Skårup
Built: 2014
Area: 80 m² (Ø: 10 m)
Developer: Business customer
Architect: Graa Arkitekter
Construction and assembly: Drivadan A/S
Multi-faceted glass domeMulti-faceted glass domeMulti-faceted glass domeskaarup skole eksperimentariumMulti-faceted glass domeMulti-faceted glass domeMulti-faceted glass dome
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