Glass building used as main entrance to Egeskov Castle
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Glass building used as main entrance to Egeskov Castle

Uninsulated glass building added to existing building
Classic, symmetrical gable roof
Roof pitch: 25°

Modern and practical main entrance to a historic castle

The glass building, which serves as the main entrance to Egeskov Castle, is an impressive and modern structure that stands out from the historic buildings that surround it. The building was constructed in 2013 to provide visitors with a new and exciting way to experience the castle.

The most striking feature of the glass building is the large entrance hall, covered by an impressive roof supported by 11 high steel pillars. The roof is made of glass and steel, providing an open and bright entrance to the castle. On a sunny day, sunlight dances on the floor while the trees outside are reflected in the glass façade.

The glass building is also a practical structure that houses a shop, a café, and toilets for visitors. The shop sells local specialties, souvenirs, and gifts, while the café serves a wide range of food and beverages. Visitors can enjoy their meal inside the café or on the large terrace outside, which provides a fantastic view of the castle’s beautiful gardens.

In addition to serving as the main entrance to the castle, the glass building also functions as a space for temporary exhibitions and events. The spacious entrance hall and flexible exhibition rooms provide an opportunity to present art and culture in a new and innovative way.

The glass building is an excellent combination of modern design and functionality that perfectly complements Egeskov Castle and its surroundings. It is a must-see for all visitors who want to experience the castle in a new and exciting way.

Location: Kværndrup
Built: 2013
Area: 722 m² (27,6 × 9,8 m)
Developer: Business customer
Construction and assembly: Drivadan A/S
Glass building used as main entrance to Egeskov CastleGlass building used as main entrance to Egeskov Castle
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