Drivadan Pavilion Round Greenhouse

Round pavilion or greenhouse?
Your greenhouse doesn't have to be square

Should the greenhouse be round, hexagonal, or octagonal? Drivadan delivers glass structures tailored to individual measurements and preferences, not standard sizes. This applies even if you want a round glass pavilion that provides a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding garden, or a greenhouse in dimensions that make the best use of your space and light.

We always build in our strong and flexible combination of materials, steel, aluminum, and glass. It provides the right architectural lightness and durability in the round pavilion or orangery, also with tempered safety glass.

You can construct the glasshouse in the size that fits, whether it needs to be large or small, and whether it should have non-insulated or insulated glass in multiple layers. Naturally, you can also choose the type of door that suits your needs and architecture.

The round glass structure provides a lovely green outdoor space in a beautiful setting, even in a smaller garden where there is not enough space for a large greenhouse or year-round orangery. You get light and tranquility for cozy moments with family and friends, or a retreat for stress-relieving alone time – an oasis for the soul.

If you or your architect have specific ideas for a glass structure with round dimensions, our experienced staff are happy to provide advice and suggestions, and we can materialize the ideas in our own design studio. Contact us and learn about the possibilities.