Communal spaces in glass
- for residential properties, businesses and institutions

Light and warmth create quality of life. Glass buildings provide opportunities and create new spaces for socialising: Communal spaces in residential buildings, alternative conference rooms and experience rooms with an outdoor feel under glass. Whatever the weather, work, meetings and group gatherings can take place in daylight, with the full green benefit of sun and heat.

In residential buildings, Drivadan’s glass buildings can form part of individual, flexible architectural solutions – for example, a roof terrace under glass.

In the experience industry, glass can bring light and views to restaurants, amusements and exhibitions. Schools, kindergartens and other institutions can, for example, add a new dimension to learning with Urban Farming, where you can grow vegetables under glass and experience the process from seed to plant, and ultimately taste the harvest.

Our glass houses are constructed with load-bearing steel structures based on static calculations. This makes them sturdy, yet still sleek and elegant. Our aluminium profiles can be painted on request and fitted with toughened safety glass. They can be equipped with advanced climate control with automatic window openings that react to temperature, wind direction, precipitation or humidity; functions that are also used in professional horticulture. The buildings can be either free-standing or added as an extension to an existing property.

Drivadan A/S has constructed unique glass buildings for, among others:

  • Odense Zoo
  • Givskud Zoo
  • Ree Park Safari
  • Tivoli
  • Noma
  • Kongehuset
  • Oksbøl Lejren
  • A Hereford Beefstouw
  • Claus Dalby
  • Søren Vester
  • Bruno Jacobsen Design
  • Egeskov Slot
  • Nimb


Fruitful solutions for horticulture

It was nurseries that originally laid the foundation for our extensive experience with glass buildings. Since the beginning back in 1987, we have built commercial nurseries as turnkey contracts all over Denmark. This has been where we’ve developed a great deal of our technical expertise and principles for building in steel, aluminium and glass, and our special window openings with advanced climate control.

We can deliver everything related to building a modern nursery: greenhouses, concrete works, heating installations, trolleys, mobile tables, curtain systems, irrigation systems, air-conditioning installations and electrical and lighting installations.

Our deep insight and specialist competencies in this area have won us assignments both at home and abroad, as far away as Australia.

We’re also an experienced partner when it comes to the development and maintenance of a nursery, offering professional servicing and energy renovation for existing greenhouses.