Glass building for existing house
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Glass building for existing house

This houseINhouse glass building is a unique construction that integrates an existing house and a glass house into a harmonious and functional unit. The glass building is located on the “sunny side” of the house to take advantage of the sun’s heat and light.

One of the advantages of a houseINhouse glass building is that it can give an existing house a sense of openness and light. It also allows for the integration of outdoor areas, such as a garden or terrace, and creates a feeling of bringing nature into the house.

Significant reduction in energy consumption for heating

Another advantage is that a houseINhouse glass house can improve the energy efficiency of the house by maximizing the sun’s natural heat. The glass acts as a passive solar heater, capturing the sun’s heat and holding onto it, which means that the house’s heating needs can be reduced. It also allows for reducing the electricity consumption and CO₂ emissions associated with heating the house.

Additionally, a house-in-house glass house can also provide owners with the opportunity to enjoy the extra square footage that the glass house adds. It can be used as an extra living room, dining room, office, or as a greenhouse. It also allows for creating a visual connection between indoors and outdoors and enjoying the beautiful view outside.

A houseINhouse glass house is a unique and practical solution for expanding an existing house and giving it an open and bright atmosphere while achieving significant energy savings.

95 m² uninsulated, free-standing glass building for existing house
Roof pitch: 25°
Steel: Galvanized
Aluminium: Painted
Glass: 4 mm single-glazed toughened safety glass
Climate control: Temperature control with rain/wind sensor

Location: Zealand
Built: 2014/2015
Area: 95 m²
Developer: Private customer

Construction and assembly: Drivadan A/S
Glass building for existing houseGlass building for existing houseGlass building for existing houseGlass building for existing houseGlass building for existing houseGlass building for existing house
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