Renovation of classic greenhouses at Nedergaard Manor
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Renovation of classic greenhouses at Nedergaard Manor

The new greenhouse at Nedergaard Manor is a beautiful addition to this historic property. The greenhouse is built in a classic style and has an automatic climate control system, making it an ideal place for year-round cultivation of plants and vegetables.

The new greenhouse is built on an existing building, which has made it possible to create a functional and well-equipped space for cultivation. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy a wide range of plants and vegetables in an authentic and beautiful environment.

The greenhouse is equipped with an automatic climate control system that opens windows in the roof depending on the temperature inside the greenhouse. This ensures an optimal temperature for plant cultivation, and the plants can grow and thrive in the optimal climate.

Classic-style greenhouse

The greenhouse has a classic style that fits perfectly with the historic property that is Nedergaard Manor. The beautiful facade and well-equipped interior give a sense of elegance and functionality at the same time. Along with the automated climate control system, this greenhouse is a perfect combination of traditional design and modern technology.

The beautiful greenhouse is an attraction in itself on the property and is an ideal place for plant cultivation with its advanced climate control system.

Uninsulated glass building added to existing building
Asymmetrical gable roof
Roof pitch: 24° / 44°

Location: Langeland
Built: 2018
Area: 76 m² (4,5 × 17,4 m)
Developer: Business customer
Construction and assembly: Drivadan A/S
Renovation of classic greenhouses at Nedergaard Manor
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