Glass building at the top of Frederiksberg
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Glass building at the top of Frederiksberg

Uninsulated glass building on and between gable end on roof terrace
Classic, symmetrical gable roof
Roof pitch: 30°

Many benefits of a glass building on a rooftop terrace

A glass building on the rooftop has several advantages. Firstly, it allows residents to enjoy the beautiful view of the city while being protected from the wind and weather.

Secondly, a glass building can provide extra space for residents. If the rooftop terrace has primarily been used as an outdoor living space, the glass building can transform it into an extra room or office space. The glass allows natural light to enter and creates an open feeling, so you don’t feel trapped in a closed space.

Finally, a glass building can increase the value of the property. A building with a rooftop terrace and a glass building can be more attractive to potential buyers or renters, as it offers extra space and an impressive view. It can also help increase the prices of the apartments in the building.

If you’re considering adding a glass building to your rooftop terrace, it can be an investment that will pay off in the future.

Location: Frederiksberg
Built: 2020
Area: 55 m² (8,6 × 6,3 m) + 30 m² (4,8 × 6,4 m)
Developer: Business customer

Construction and assembly: Drivadan A/S
Glass building at the top of FrederiksbergGlass building at the top of Frederiksberg
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