Grønttorvet, Valby
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Grønttorvet, Valby

The impressive glass buildings at Grønttorvet in Valby are a true sight to behold. With their modern architecture and distinctive design, they have managed to create a significant visual impact in the area. The glass buildings have been constructed using a combination of galvanized steel, untreated aluminum, and tempered safety glass, contributing to both their aesthetics and functionality.

The primary structural element in these glass buildings is the galvanized steel, which provides a solid and reliable framework for the construction. The steel is carefully engineered and assembled to ensure stability and durability. The untreated aluminum used adds an elegant and modern touch to the buildings while contributing to their lightness.

The glass panels in the buildings are made of tempered safety glass, ensuring both protection and aesthetics. This glass is resistant to impact and breakage, creating a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors alike.

The best of both indoor and outdoor lifestyles

These glass buildings have been strategically positioned at Grønttorvet in Valby, serving a dual function as coverings for rooftop terraces and communal courtyards. This allows residents to enjoy the outdoor surroundings year-round while providing protected and comfortable spaces for social activities and relaxation. Whether it’s sunny or rainy weather, residents can retreat under the glass buildings and still enjoy the outdoors while being indoors.

The modern aesthetics and innovative use of materials in these glass buildings make them an impressive feature of Grønttorvet’s landscape. The buildings’ transparent facades and structural designs create a sense of lightness and elegance while appearing sturdy and durable.

The glass buildings at Grønttorvet are a beautiful example of how modern architecture and materials can come together to create functional and aesthetically appealing structures. Their presence adds a significant element to the urban landscape of Grønttorvet, creating a unique environment where residents can enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor lifestyles.

U-isoleret glasbygninger på tagterrasser og fællesgårde
Roof pitch: 25°
Steel: Galvanized
Aluminium: Raw
Glass: 4 mm toughened safety glass
Climate control: Temperature control of windows in roof

Location: Valby
Build: 2017 - 2022
Number: 40 stk.
Area: 15 - 60 m²
Developer: Ingcon
Construction and assembly: Drivadan A/S
Drivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDrivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDrivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDrivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDrivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDrivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDrivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDrivhus Grønttorvet DrivadanDRivhus Grønttorvet DRivadan
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