glass building door

The door is open for all types

The interaction between the building and its surroundings is an important factor if you’re looking to get the full value out of a glass building. In a Drivadan glass building, you have a free choice of types as well as the number of doors and door units. This gives you the freedom to create exactly the glass architecture that meets your dreams and needs.

Folding doors can open the entire glass building out to the garden or other surroundings. Unlike the classic sliding doors, where a large part of the glass is still visible when the door is open, the individual elements of the folding door can be folded away in a narrow wing package.

This gives folding doors the added benefit of having large glass fronts that can be opened out almost completely. You get large areas that lead straight out to the garden or other surroundings together with optimal protection, insulation and energy consumption management when the doors are closed.

Choose a door that harmonises with the rest of the building

You can also choose other options, such as a hinged wooden door or an aluminium sliding door if this is more in harmony with the rest of the building. If you want a classic aesthetic in a nostalgic English house in the garden’s green surroundings, we have solutions for this. If you want a modern, clean and open look in a glass extension for your company’s head office, we also have attractive and flexible solutions for a custom-made building.

If you need more information about the specific possibilities for doors in your glass building and need advice on solution proposals, please contact Drivadan.