climate control

Unique, advanced climate control

Sunlight not only creates light, but also heat in a glass building. It's a wonderful added benefit of glass, but the literal greenhouse effect can also provide excess heat that needs to be controlled and channelled away to ensure you always get the correct indoor climate. That's why all of Drivadan's solutions come with automatic window openings.

The window openings can be mounted on both continuous or slightly staggered panels. This helps to create a natural ventilation, so that it feels pleasant and natural inside the glass building, inviting you to spend longer periods enjoying good company, daylight and splendid views.

This also ensures that plants get the temperature they need to thrive, whether you place them in greenhouses and glass pavilions or conservatories and rooftop pavilions – and naturally, in our professional greenhouses. At Drivadan we started out as a horticultural supplier, so we have extensive experience taking care of plants and their growth as well as in managing energy consumption in glass buildings.

Control unit for all Drivadan glass buildings

All Drivadan glass buildings can be fitted with climate control. This is a control unit that automatically opens and closes the skylights based on factors such as temperature, wind direction, precipitation and humidity. This ensures the best possible indoor climate and helps you manage energy consumption for heating, even in integrated glass buildings that help to open up your house.

If you have any questions about temperature control and energy consumption in glass buildings, you are welcome to contact Drivadan. We can offer know-how and advice, regardless of whether you are an architect, building consultant or homeowner, a company or a housing association.

We can help with individual and tailor-made climate control solutions for all types of glass spaces.