Drivadan er specialister i glasbyggeri

Drivadan’s philosophy is that life should be lived outside, because we humans are at our best when there’s light and air. That’s why we’ve made it possible to live outdoors – indoors. We combine the best of both worlds. Light and sunshine from nature, with the warmth and safety of the house.

Drivadan currently designs and delivers exclusive glass constructions to private individuals and businesses. But it all began with the horticultural industry. We started building greenhouses for nurseries in the early 1990s. Our expertise was sought for private greenhouses, and since 2015, our main product has been the sale of glass buildings outside the horticultural industry. Today, we manufacture many kinds of glass constructions. Together with contractors, architects and private individuals, Drivadan supplies exclusive, high-quality glass buildings all over Denmark.

We have high standards of craftsmanship and quality. We base our work on your visions and dreams, bring the ideas to life in the design studio, and use our experience to create an exclusive glass building that stands out in all parameters.

Drivadan has a team of skilled project designers and engineers, who offer unique, carefully thought-out solutions. We are certified for structural welding in our steel workshop, and we have our own aluminium workshop for production. We are quality-assured, and we use our own team of fitters to guarantee that the job is done properly.

Why you should choose a Drivadan glass building

Ultimate design freedom

Whether your new glass building is free-standing or is to be added on to existing or new buildings, Drivadan has no standard solutions.
We adapt all steel, glass and aluminium to special dimensions, whatever style you prefer. There are no limitations in size or roof pitches, which means there are endless design options for creating a unique glass building that fits perfectly into its surroundings.

Stable steel structures

All load-bearing structures are made of steel. This not only provides optimum strength and load-bearing capacity, but also allows for a wider span compared to standard structures made solely of aluminium. This gives you an architecturally light and elegant design with a slim structure. The steel can be supplied untreated, galvanised or painted in any colour you like.

Slim aluminium profiles

Drivadan’s specially manufactured aluminium profiles are slim, regardless of the size of the glass building or whether or not it’s to be insulated.
This means that a Drivadan glass building has a light and elegant look compared to other solutions. The aluminium profiles can be powder-coated in whichever colour you want.

Breakproof safety glass

All Drivadan glass buildings are always fitted with toughened safety glass, either as single, double or triple glazing, depending on whether an insulated or uninsulated building is required. Can also be partially fitted with other types of filling, or special glass such as Satimat glass.

Unique, advanced climate control

All our buildings can be fitted with a control unit that automatically opens and closes the skylights and ensures an optimal indoor climate, based on factors such as temperature, wind direction, precipitation and humidity.

The door is open for all types

There is freedom of choice in the types and number of door units. Folding doors can open the entire glass building up to the garden and its surroundings, but it’s also possible to choose, for example, a hinged wooden door or an aluminium sliding door if that harmonises best with the rest of the building stock.