glass building aluminium

Slim aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles from Drivadan add a special lightness and flexibility to all types of glass houses, from lightweight conservatories and elegant orangeries to beautiful roof terraces in glass. This plays with the fact that load-bearing steel makes the glass construction strong and stable, giving the lightweight aluminium free rein.

The aluminium profiles define the architectural expression of the project because our custom-made profiles are always slim. This applies to all sizes of glass buildings, in all types and styles, and for every architectural wish and need. It could be a lightweight, modest conservatory in a detached house or a large extension to a company headquarters. The profiles can used to create all types of glass architecture.

Whether a glass house should be insulated or uninsulated is not critical for flexibility. The profiles have no limitations in terms of climate control and low-energy glass, and it's possible to incorporate many different solutions as regards climate and energy.

Design freedom for custom glass constructions

Quite simply, Drivadan offers the design freedom to create custom and individual glass constructions that harmonise with existing architecture and surroundings. This provides more opportunities, regardless of whether you want to open up the daylight in a single-family home with a glass terrace or whether you're a housing association or a company looking to build a new common area for residents or employees.

The aluminium profiles can be powder-coated in the exact colour you want, in a shade that matches the surroundings your glass construction will be placed in. We are happy to advise you, so please contact us if you are in doubt about the possibilities.