glass building safety breakproof

Breakproof safety glass

Large transparent glass surfaces help create a fifth season. The glass gives the space an openness, where daylight is invited inside and creates a very special, “open-air” atmosphere. The glass can also protect and insulate the room, ensuring a warm and pleasant climate not just for you but also for green plants and flowers. Safety glass provides peace of mind that the glass construction will last.

Toughened safety glass, also called tempered safety glass, is much stronger than ordinary glass. If toughened safety glass does break, it crumbles into tiny pieces that are not sharp, unlike ordinary glass. Drivadans glass buildings are always fitted with toughened safety glass.

You can choose single, double or triple glazed safety glass, depending on whether you choose an uninsulated, insulated or energy-proof building. Our glass buildings are not bound by standard dimensions and materials, so there is architectural freedom to create the building that suits your needs and wishes.

Combinations of glass types

The safety glass can also be fitted to parts of the glass construction, combined with other types of filling or special glass on the sides, including roof glass, and fitted as sandblasted, frosted or satin glass, which can softly diffuse light and transparency.

If you are unsure about which type of glass will give the best result in your building, we are happy to advise. There may be different security needs, depending on whether you are planning an integrated conservatory, a free-standing orangery or greenhouse or a large roof terrace or roof pavilion for a business headquarters – or a common room in a housing association or institution.

Contact us, whether you are in the early idea phase or have already drawn up sketches or drawings.