Glass guilding design

Ultimate design freedom in new glass buildings

Before you choose the design of your new glass building, close your eyes for a moment.

Imagine going for a walk in a village in the South of France. You can feel the sun and the heat in your nose and on your body. Then open your eyes again and look out of the window. Maybe the sun's shining. Or perhaps it’s raining. We're quite sure it's not the same climate as the South of France. But you can create that with glass. With Drivadan.

A glass building from Drivadan can create a fifth season and extend your summer, regardless of wind and weather. A glass building creates a safe setting with room for cosiness, laughter, conversation and community, in the company of flowers, plants and kitchen gardens – all year round. This backdrop can be created in all dimensions with Drivadan.

There are many architectural possibilities, and whether your new glass building is an open-plan orangery, an English house or a garden pavilion – or an extension to combine with existing or new buildings, such as a conservatory, garden room or glass terrace, or perhaps a roof terrace attached to a larger building.

Customised glazing

Drivadan is not bound by standard solutions or standard dimensions – we listen to you and your needs, and our special structures can be furnished with the greatest design freedom imaginable.

We adapt all steel, glass and aluminium to special dimensions, whatever style you prefer. There are no limitations in either size in roof pitch. This gives you endless design options for creating a unique glass building that fits seamlessly into your surroundings – so you can create the fifth season.

Contact us, if you need to go over your ideas or get some advice during the development and design process.