Dream houses for the garden

Orangeries, garden houses, winter gardens. Drivadan’s many years of experience with glass houses is not only about providing the best possible conditions for lush, fertile plant life, but also about creating individual architectural solutions that bring new perspectives to the garden.

Whatever style you prefer, your green dreams can come true. Your building can be functional and modern in clean lines, classical or rustic. Our English houses are nostalgic, with bay windows, small spires and decorative features on the roof. At the same time, they feature characteristic narrow panes of glass and a 45° roof pitch.

We don’t adapt your dreams to standard solutions, but adapt all steel, glass and aluminium to special dimensions at our workshop in Søndersø on Funen. All load-bearing structures are made of steel. This not only provides optimum strength and load-bearing capacity, but also allows for a wider span compared to standard structures made solely of aluminium. This gives you an architecturally light and elegant design with a slim structure.

Aluminium profiles can be powder-coated in any colour you like. They are always fitted with toughened safety glass. Optional folding doors open the entire glass building up to the garden, and an advanced control unit automatically opens and closes the skylights, ensuring an optimal indoor climate.


Light and warmth for the house

A house-within-a-house is a glass building with many possibilities.
With our flexible, individual glass buildings, you can build your home around the glass building – or even inside it. You can use the roof terrace on your home with a view and the smell of plants.

You can blur the boundaries of what’s impossible.
Every single glass building from Drivadan is unique and designed in collaboration with you. You don’t just choose to extend your home by so many square metres, you create an atmosphere of climate-friendly well-being and quality of life.

Whatever you choose, a house-within-a-house gives you more space, extending the time it’s possible to enjoy the late hours, both summer and winter, and liberating you from seasonal variations, whatever the weather.
You become at one with nature, even though you’re indoors.

A glass building from Drivadan is built with steel rafters, aluminium and toughened safety glass, so that it stands strong and firm in all kinds of weather.
A house-within-a-house glass building that is practically maintenance-free, and with many optional extras, so you get exactly the building you’re dreaming of – also if you’re dreaming of a zero-energy house.